The Outskirts of Heaven

~13~ Love and Loss

my heart flutters

when you say my name

your voice soothes my uneasy spirit

these unusual feelings

that you stir deep within me

intensifies a new kind of love

the words you speak to me

I've so longed to hear

it almost makes me afraid

to freely melt in your arms

but this barrier I built around me

you opened the hidden gate

you found the little girl that I was

drowning inside..

and you brought me up to the air

when I was down in the cage

I prayed for a way out

because I had locked myself in…

and I know that the Lord sent you

to rescue me

to hold me...

in the midst of the rain

to breathe new life

into a broken heart

and to ease this

never ending pain

He sent you to strengthen

my tired weakened body

in a world that beats me down…

you lift me up

from the quicksands of life

and carry me to the outskirts

of Heaven

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

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