my only reason for existence

Lord I want to know You

I want to love You more than any thing

satisfy me with the gifts you bring

my heavenly father I want to be close

close as I can be

You are the only thing that sets me free

hold me close

in your gentle arms

keep me out of harms way

never let me lose the path

the path that protects me

from Your wrath

guide me, as I confide in You

surround me in Your presence

you're my only reason for existence

don't let the scornful remarks

and all the insolent barks

that the world attacks me with

telling me you're only a myth

cause me to stumble and wither away

I need You more and more each day

You are the reason that I breathe

You are the reason I believe

You bought my life with a great expense

You are my only reason for existence

©2002 All Rights Reserved

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank You Jesus!

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