No one knows the pain

No one knows the pain

I suffer from deep inside

No one knows the thoughts that run

Constantly through my mind

All they see is a smile here

And a giggle there

The sparkle in my eye that covers

A little girl who's scared

Only God who can't be seen

Knows these internal scars

But where is He when I cry out?

Far beyond the stars…

All I ask is to be loved

To finally be accepted

But one look at me and all will flee

Just what I suspected

Deep longing in the pit of my soul

Clings to those around

But when I need a lending ear

No one can be found

They fill me with a guilt that’s false

All problems are my fault

No one knows the pain

That lingers in my vault

"Take me home, I want to die!"

Does Jesus really love me?

I hear the whisper in the wind

Propped up against a tree

Stretching beyond my imagination,

A black sky of endless hope

The world abandoned me in the woods

And I can no longer cope

Gazing up I see the moon

The beauty manifests a love so bright

When suddenly it occurs to me

I'm gazing at Heaven's light

I hear another whisper as

The breeze enwraps my skin

Do not release another tear,

My child, lift up your chin

Startled from the soothing voice

I leap to my feet

Lift my hands up to the sky

And rip away the heart that’s beat

Give it up to the Lord

So He can mend its holes

Glorify God upon the hills

To gather the lost souls

My heart is healed thanks to God

I never knew this love before

Until Jesus revealed Himself

My heart and soul felt so sore

How selfish I was when

I thought that no one cared

God was crying with me

He was listening and heard my prayer

No one knows the real pain

That God endures day after day

To watch all His children die

Who never find the way.


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