On my way to Heaven

Blinking my eyes and holding my breath

I carefully pull back the brush to clear the path

And I see myself

So close to God… yet so far away…

How could I go on another day?

He holds my hand and guides me forth

Won't allow me to give up for what it's worth

For so many miles down this road

I'd been abused and scorned and left to erode

But He's been beside me and has held me so

Not once did he leave, or let me go

He cared for me when no one else did

Held me in His gracious arms as if I were His kid

He taught me how to move on when hopelessness filled my soul…

Lifted me up from depression, and out of that barren hole

I'd been beaten down so much that I hid behind a wall

He tore it down and rescued me with a simple call

My Lord, He saved me when I could go no more

And carried me all the way to Heaven's door

And when I was strong enough He stood me on my feet

Gave me what I needed and all the spiritual food I could eat

He followed me all those years when I told Him to leave me alone

He dried away all my tears; He wouldn't have me be on my own

And thanks to His persistence, I gave my full repentance

It's good to know, I'm on my way to Heaven these days

He makes me laugh with wonder, with all His mysterious ways

Yes finally I'm on my way to heaven, and you can be too

Just call upon His holy name, and He'll walk with you.

©2002 All rights reserved.

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