Reality Nightmare

Everywhere I go remains in the shadows.  

Every one I see is through my window of sorrow.  

I am not really there, and no one else sees me.  

Or maybe I am there, but I am invisible.  

My broken, beaten down self-esteem didn’t wear away alone.

It erased me as well.  

I wish someone could see me and the cold darkness in my eyes.

I have gone blind and I no longer see the light of joy.  

All I see is a vague image of teardrops.

They just keep pouring down and begin to drown my fragile emotions.  

I have gone numb and I no longer feel the warmth of happiness.

All I feel is a frigid gust of wind whirling around my body, violently spinning my life out of control.

Would someone please open your eyes and see me scratching at this cage of suicide?

Help me out of this enclosed box, I am too weak to lift the lid up alone.  

Maybe this is all just a dream and I am stuck in an eternal coma.

This is the worst nightmare I've ever had to live.  

Somebody please wake me for I can't quit screaming.  

I want to be awake. I want to be alive again.  

Wake me before I drown or freeze to death.

Wake me before it's too late.

©2000 All rights reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Self-explanatory, is it not?

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