Stranded on a deserted island

Watching the waves roll up and by

My wispy voice carries out your name

My toes wriggle anxiously in the sand

The forceful wind encourages my pain

While the sunset darkens my views

The air is growing cold

My cheeks are getting wet

As my mind begins to fret

Licking the tears from my lips

Wrapping a blanket around my hips

I just sit

And listen to the sounds the ocean creates

Striving my hardest to ignore

The incredible depth of loneliness that aches

Lurking in the pit of my chest

Which tediously creeps its way up my throat

And into my skin

Running throughout my bloodstream

Sparking my brain with ongoing visions

Picking at the lesions

That are hiding in my heart

My eyes are drier than the sandy beach

But not as dry as my soul

It's out of control…

©2001 All rights reserved.

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