On the Edge

Sitting on the edge of the tub

In my grandma's bathroom,

The world expelled me from their club

My sky is filled with gray and gloom

I can't help but hear the murmuring

It surrounds me like a cloud of smoke.

Deep within, my heart is burning

So harsh it makes me choke

My eyes are like volcanoes

Exploding magma streaming down my cheeks

I'm weakening as my depression grows

Involuntarily I shiver as my strength leaks

Convulsions fill my despicable body

And I struggle to suppress my noisy aches

I put my arms around my incapable body

And listen to the wheezing my breathing makes

Who would have guessed, my life would end twice

Maybe one day my soul will live in peace.

The tub is now overflowing with scalding ice

Gradually I lean backwards into my decease

Just a few hours before the end to my yearning chase

To stop my life from being twirled.

My skin is so burnt the heat feels like lace

All these years I cried alone. Now I scream with the world.

©2000 All rights reserved.

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