Fuck ups

i want us to fix things, for us to be right

i dont want you to hate me, or for us to fight

i need you to change me,i need only your heart

ive acted quite strangly, we need a fresh sstart

im now out of chances, ive fucked up to much

im all out of dances, our love needs a crutch

youve shown me true love, i repayed it with lust

another womans body, betraying your trust

and now you must leave me, for you deserve better

than some stupid apology or a poem or a letter

no bouquet of flowers, nor gold or nice things

can begin to make up for the pain that i bring

i know in my heart what i really should do

i should do what you cant, say goodbye and leave you

ive broken your spirit, ive taken your heart

threw it in a meat grinder and ripped it apart

its to late to ask you if youll stay with me

i know what you need to do, just please do it soon.

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