heart murmer in progress

puff puff pass, now take a blast, close your eyes take a  look into your past

decisions, regret, loss of self respect,a concious, sub concsiously in debt

a heat burns like a cherry in the rearview, consuming mattter,

taking way my clearview. i see smoke...

and take another toke as i woke from a slumber

left to lumber in a place, where time is not a number

monogomy? fuck that, thats a roberryi want lots of girls to get my dick slobbery, dont bother me,  my future with one woman is hard ta see,  but back to my point, its time to smoke a joint, and analyze,  discrimnate perceptions like a cameras eys, damn, im craven panda thighs. those are nuts, mmm barbeque, i git the pasties and its maken this shit hard to chew. .  i need some water to. i hope the sound of my smacken doesnt bother you. but when i do got spit, i got game, like a dragon with his flame, i can aim ,through the cracks of my deck when it rains., or even hit the line, in the cnter of the lane, while im driven, i can focus , and hit that shit got, instead of rocken bullets i spit loogies in yo hhood. walken bam splat, that nasty crap, thats whack , i hit you wit my hack.  

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