Shared Insight


You gifted me with something I thought I would never see again.

It was you. You let me back inside.


Part of me knows why, and part of me still doesn't.

I don't know if you truly forgave me for leaving you as I did.

Who could blame you?


But you shared much darker secrets this time.

A road that I wished to be a part of.

And in return, I shared my deepest secrets still. 


The darkness in us,

allows us to grow as individuals.


We feed off of each other,

not in ways of just using the other.


Not as if we drain each other,

and move on.


As I feed off of you, 

you give me this thrill

and stir a passion.


For you,

I don't know entirely

but as you have said, needed.


But you have shown me you as well,

as objectively as possible,

it is still you.


You have shown be true beauty

which you always had.

Inside and out.


My secrets are yours,

my thoughts are yours, 

if only ask of me.


I will gladly continue

our shared insights.


No matter where it takes us. 

no matter the struggle. 



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