My Fault



After your stories,

after everything you tell me,

it's still on me.


In one form or another. 


This twisted cycle,

will not end.


And the torment I feel,

is from my own actions.


I can put blame

where it's due.


But ultimately, it was me

who left you alone.


And in your solitude, 

you found someone else.


I wish it could end,

all of it.


Just put me out of my misery 

and the pull the trigger.


I deserve it.


I might not have made the decision,

but that decision would have never 

had to been made if I were still here.


If I hadn't left you as I did.


But now,

I see how bad it truly was.


How it stemmed all the way back,

starting with me. 


I am your true fault,

I am the one who made you.



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