I can't explain it. 

I don't have the words,

because I can't speak 

for anyone else. 


I'm dumbfounded by

the way you are treated.


Yet, if I had the opportunity,

that others were given,

I woulnd't have squandered it.


I wish people would see the gift 

they were given and

grab it with both hands,

and not let go.


But I cannot answer

a hyothetical question.


All I can say is,

You deserve so much more than that.

You deserve time and not excuses.

You deserve more than just a man

chasing after tail. 

You deserve someone who will see you,

inside and out.

You deserve it all,

regardless of whatever past you have.


You need to become center stage,

the lime light,

the shining star.


You need to know you are

a priority.

And should be treaed as such. 

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