Picture Worthy



It used to be all fantasy, 

but now.....

part of it isn't.


Part of it is real,

because it's you.


You have no idea,

now this turns me on,

gets me hard,

and I want to get off.


I want to experience

what I see.


I want to play with your body,

and kiss that face.


I want to play with those tits,

suck on them,

squeeze them, 

and caress them softly.


I want to stick my cock

between them. 

As you squeeze them

over my dick.


I want to nut

all over you,  

as you get me off

no like noone else.


I want you tied to the bed,

spread out,

leaving your body full exposed.


I would go through foreplay,

fingering, licking and sucking 

that juicy pussy.


I would make you moan 

louder and louder,

until you scream. 


I would probably keep you

tied down, 

while I stick my cock

inside of you. 


Blind folded, you wouldn't know

what to expect next.


Would I stop 

to eat you out?


Would I stop to move over your body

and put my dick in your mouth?


Would I untie part of you, 

and position you another way?


The list is endless.


Oh the fun we would have,

with your boobs,

your curvy sweet ass, 

and that sexy body.


I'd cum all over it.



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