Thing of Beauty



I untied you from the bed,

at least momentarily. 


This was only to flip you over, 

On your knees, with your head resting on the bed,

your curvy ass in the air. 

Wet, juicy, and inviting. 


I tie your hands back to the bed post. 

Leaving your legs free, 

so you can spread easier,

so I can glide my cock inside of you. 


I use my fingers to work myself in,

trying to be as careful as possible.

Wanting you to feel ever thrust,

and every inch of me, 

without going numb. 


I'm in,

Ever so slowly, 

Moving back and forth,


Moving deeper inside of you,

Your moans get louder 

and louder.

It's heavenly.

I want to hear those moans

more and more.


This makes me want to play rough.

Spank your ass, slap it as I thrust myself into you

over and over and over again. 

Your hair is with reach, 

I can pull it back as I contimue to ram myself into you,

as you continue to moan beatiful music.


Your pussy is soaking my dick with your juices. 

I can feel it, glidng better and better. 

As you are still tied down, 

your butt sitts in the air.


I take myself out,

for some extra fun. 

Your pussy can enjoy

another licking session.


I move down a

nd suck on your pussy,

slurping up the juices once again.


That's enough straps for now. 

I think you've endured enough. 

I unstrap you as you turn over. 


I can see your face again, 

I kiss your lips and then move down to your neck. 

I fondle your boobs with my hands.


Then you spread your legs for me.

A lovely, juicy, pussy,

waiting to be taken again.


I slide in,

your juices make it so easy. 


I grab your legs to jerk your body to mine,

allowing my cock to go deeper and deeper into you,

You take my hand and put it on your throat, 

wanting something more dangerous.


I gently squeeze,

looking at you in the face

for a safety sign.

Ill keep going until you tell me to stop.


Ill slap your ass as I do this, 

still fucking you as you lay there

with your hand on my hand. 

You give the word, and I release,

and your moans start again. 


Its intense, 

as I fuck you faster, 

and your moans get wild, 

and I know we are at climax. 


Do you want it inside or on you?

Inside it is.


I push harder,

thrusting deeper into you, as I finally have come to the climax,

you're voice is still so heavenly

as I lay into you one final time,

then I cum inside of you. 


I don't rush to pull out.

I stay inside of you for a moment. 

Then I start to thrust slowly again, 

just gliding into you slowly.


Then we stop,

I kiss you and snuggle up

beside you and hold you in my arms.


There's no need to wash up,

There will be sloppy seconds

in a couple minutes. 




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