In the Story




Every so often,

I think of you.


Even when we weren't talking. 


I would read some of your writing.

See if you wrote anything new. 


Then I get deviant and 

go read some of your "better" stuff. 


I read your stories

with fantasies dancing in my head.


It's so good, 

that I get aroused from it.


And there were times 

where I could get off for it. 


It just takes concentration, 

and some good imagination.



But, I wish I could be the one in the story,

the one who gets to fuck you.


The one who fingers you,

licks that sweet pussy,

kisses you and

sucks on your beautful boobs.


Having sex all over the house, 

in every possible position you have written about.


I wish one day, I could be in one of the stories,

and not just a fantasy. 



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