I am a loose cannon,

my thoughts and words 

get the better of me.


I don't know

how to contain it sometimes. 


I say what's on my mind,

I say things that I should have held back.


But I do speak my mind,

to you, because it's honest.


It's those things we have,

in the back of our minds.


Except I speak them to you.

I say what I say because I want you to know.


I want you to know where I am at,

where my thoughts are at, everything.


Yes, it's scary at times.

Because I don't know how you will respond.


The back burner of my mind, 

is for you to see.


Something only you can have,

because I couldn't share it at home.


Because you are the only one

that understands me.


It's probably why,

I desire you still. 


I can't hide my words from you,

because I trust you.


But my mind, and desire

is yours.


but it will stay on the backburner,

always there.

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