Serious Swagger

serious swagger weighted gait 
heavy dirty hard left side sway
gritty sleezy slicked back style
contagious beautiful easy smile          
stone cold sexy mega rockstar status
Smooth icy cool on stage backlit
perfectly posed and pleasently fake
His demeanor portrays a studious 
headliner of untold fame
gold lined suited taylored and primed
Walks no struts into the spotlight 
All the jaded fans stare amazed 
At all his superficial greatness staged 
Reaching out just for a glance 
Waiting for a insignificant chance 
Perfection comes with a price tag attached 
Blinded he can’t see the soul he lacks
Isn’t he loved adored by all?
With confidence like he’s 10 feet tall 
His so called shallow friends on speed dial 
Toast him with designer drinks and plastic smiles
His fame won’t buy his happiness 
So he drinks so he’ll forget
What he lost in his way to this 

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