It Will Win

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The marks it left will fade

The damage it's done will stay

It has caused so much pain

And it has become a curse

I tell it to leave

But it doesn't listen

I tell it no

That I won't cave in

But I can't stop it

It always wins

It has defeated so many

It will take many more

It is never done

And it's always hungry

All it wants is our blood

But some think the price is to high to pay

Some seek help

Some beat it alone

And others just give up

And give into it

But it doesn't matter

One way or another

Everyone will die

Depression turned into suicide

Is just one form

In which death will hide

And that's when it




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Disgusting's picture


I quite enjoyed this poem. It has a darker taste to it, such as mine usually do. Very good, Dear, keep up the work.