Unborn Unloved Baby

my poems

dear mommy
i dont know what i did
i'm so sorry for upsetting you
i'm not sure why you hate me
i mean you haven't even met me yet
so how do you know that you wont want me
what if i was to be a great person
what if i could have a cure for some illness
what if i was to change the world
how could we ever know
you have taken my chance at life away
why do you feel the need to kill me
my world was doomed from the begining
i never got to see the world
or anything for that matter
all i am is a cluster of cells
just the begining of a living person
but i will not miss anything
for i do not know anything in which to miss
well it's time
i feel myself dying
i still love you mommy
even though you never loved me
well i have to say goodbye now
for i am almost gone
and now i'm leaving

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