With This Feeling


Sitting there in my room,

Trying to find the broom,

To clear my mind, got this anger I can't describe,

Cus deep down inside I lay down to touch the ground,

I try to cry but these words just caught my eye,

So why try? I should just fall into a big deep hole,

So all my problems fly away and all my sences fold,

I feel my body aching tight with my legs closeup,

In this crazy death trap that this existence brought up,

Cus with this feeling..

My whole life is cold,

With this feeling,

I start to see this world unfold,

With this feeling,

My hands start to shake,

With this feeling,

I can feel you heartbeat rate,

With this feeling,

Theres so many birds in the sky,

With this feeling,

I get the best f**king high

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