A to the kizzle K to the izzle

back and forth

this game we play

kisses in between

nothing that has been

has been the same

we laugh and joke

about what we've done

cross our arms together

face what may come



to let them see

keeping quiet

on the r.s.p

yes you make me want to

touch and play

yes you make me hate myself

for feeling this way

lies and lies


rivers of tears cried

here i am

with you

side by side

laughing and joking

feeling combined

unity from the wreckage

u turns in the skies

puffs and hugs

comedy even we

can't deny

but i leave you feeling

and wanting for more

gotta see if I've got it

have to even the score

leave you wanting more

your scent on my body

still lingers tonight

don't worry I've gotta

a boy to hold me tonight



a choice i make

a choice i deserve

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