spiral spiral

I'm out of control

the world wind you got me caught in

will be the death of my soul

taking me to greater heights

come down now

they say

but im the grown up here

I'm the one who has the say

trapping me with your insecurities

resurrecting my own

you make me want to argue

in the bed you make me groan

you always think I'm wanting more

but all I want is what i came here for

again again again

after all what are friends for

drunk, yea I know its only noon

keep me locked in this web

and ill be lost and yours soon

living just above the rest

I know you think I'm just the best

but I am neurotic

I'm a little insane

I've worked overtime

to be this way

yet here you are

offering me a drink

unable to say no

unable to think

snort in your influence

tell me its so good

I let you lead me

into open waters

where I once strongly stood

tides and currents

dragging me down

the conch and the seashell

are the only sounds

they echo in my ears

of all my lost yesteryears

so what I'm drunk

and its only noon

ill be lost in your darkness soon

so what

so what

its only noon

im drunk already ill be lost soon

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