he said the right things

but wanted something different

reveling  in the resistance

preyed on what was good

lured you in with meaningless words

dismissing me

and all that was misunderstood

there will be a point

when his name fall from our lips

no longer

and time will build this stronger

ropes made of hemp

and bridges built with regret

will seem like yesteryears

we have overcome

and that's the final bet

no river or turns

to go all in

we are the chip leaders

we are friends

he is the outsider

requesting meaningless girls

wanting to play the games that was

invented for them

hot tubs

and pyramid hef's

limes and lemons

sour from his breath

sweaters unraveling

key chains of brass and black

hearts divided

combined again

we've gotten to this plateau

where the sun sets

driving fast

listening to our radios

ports and Cabernets

cheers to you my friend

he cant beat us again

at least this i hope

with every ounce inside of me

with every bit of my soul

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