we were just girls when all this began

vodka red bulls

and strange men holding our hands

cigarettes and beers

chug chug

we could've went on like that for years

life has lessons

we all learned ours i hope

turning points

in all involved

I've said it once, yes

and i mean more so even now

I'm sorry's

and regrets

closer and closer we get

like the movie

we are all bonded like

rubber glue

weird how things can get

familiar as they seem

clouded as they may be

something feels so right

in our interactions tonight

i cant explain what you do to me

we are like lovers enter twining

but never being

but yet here we are


in a different light

i call you my friend

and with all  my heart and soul

i know it to be true

a bond we share

like leather and lace

something not even mistakes can break

and again i think to myself

what a wonderful world

what a wonderful night

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