and so

and so I walked away

my shoes have grown old


ripped jeans

torn souls

your gone now

just the way I wanted it

trust me I have no regrets

but I know you do

I am the cancer

of heartbreak

eating away at you

your charm

is non-existent

your smile is painted


and I'm no longer your fool

or puppet on strings

you struggle to pull

I am gone

like the wind

and the past

ripping away through time

a fruitless love

not meant to last

your smile has faded

I only see tears

crying like a baby

unable to comprehend

your fears

and I am no longer holding

your hand

I am no longer here

to understand

your all alone

impersonating a man

oh what sweet victory...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have learned breaking up is easy when its me doing the leaving...

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