flavor of the week

I'm wrestling with

the antics

of what we are supposed to be

your sexy lips

are becoming

so much more a part of me

I'm loving you

and you don't even know

I push you away

say I need my space

you always

always comply

your stoned colored eyes

see me

for what I really am

an insecure

little girl

trying to love

the only way I can

your intelligence

is shinning

your so very strong

I give you what you ask for

even if I feel its wrong

I'm leaving you soon

I know this unsettles you

but I have no choice

I have to do what is my destiny

call it my responsibility

even if I don't want to

cuz what I want to do

is hold you

and give you all I've got

but I know I'm

not the one for you

a sentiment you have forgot

your young and need your freedom

you cant give me what I want

a loving man

to hold my hand

and build a family like a rock

I cant give you children

I have too many of my own

so the love I carousel

around you is all I have to show

your not a toy to me

even though my friends think so

your stoned washed eyes

look through me

when I tell you I cant find my way home

tomorrow is a turning point

I wait to see

how badly or good this

movie will turn out to be

I love you and

you don't know this

cuz I'm afraid to say the words

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