unwritten song

I picked up a bottle


on my way home

I needed to be alone

with my drink

and my thoughts

I shiver

turn the lock

and open my door

it seems I'm back

to my old ways

isolating just to think

without explaining  

what I'm feeling

I thought I was done

until you knocked at my door

with hope in your eyes

I tried not to cry

did you recognize my pain

the sincerity of my voice

I hate the way it is

but really

do we have a choice?

so many lines crossed

we tapped danced

around the truth for

so long

drowning  you in my sorrow

just to get a read

looking for reasons

that I may be wrong

but in the end I wasn't

maybe I was the enforcer

the missing link

of good or bad timing

depending which corner

of this triangle

you were standing

but like I said

shit happens for a reason

and all of this is shitty

but apparently our destiny

a lesson we have learned

an era unforgotten

turning points

in all involved

an unwritten song

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