back and forth

she's so beautiful

this I've always known

her smile is like gold

her conversation feels like home

I guess that's why

her betrayal hurt me so

eyes like wine

lips like grapes

but how they lie

I could never get the taste

I have wanted to pick up a phone

send a message that no one

can know

but in the end I ask

what good

after all of this?

wishes never come true

time machines have never

broken through

the ring I had

is long gone

its meaning lost

before it was ever worn

I have to admit

I loved her

wanted more from her

wanted her to be more like me

wanted her to simply see

see what?

I don't know

her words were so


she promised

so much without


bitter beers

buckets of tears

she doesn't know

how much she fucked me up

she does now

and when she's near

I watch her

and drink her in

like my liquor

wish I could talk a while

wish I could just tell

her how I feel

but thoughts are jumbled

intentions misconstrued

it isn't anything

that has to do

with him, me and you

my veins ache

for leisure and the  


of an intelligent conversation

something of mind stimulation

that only she can do

I guess my old friend

I miss you

and I wonder if you miss me too

c'mon over

can we talk a while

its been ages

since I've seen you

tell me how is life

how is love

is everything better

for you now?

your eyes look sad

I know its your dad

I know how much you

loved HIM too


and inviting

but oh those lips

are always lying

I hope you learned

a thing or two

since then I have

made some friends

like puzzle pieces

we seem to fit

attention whores

boys in hordes

and a bartender

to serve me again

I cant complain

things aren't the same

but they aren't any

less lonelier as before

I met a boy

I chased him away

but I'm sure you knew

it was coming

I know you drink me in

like cheap gin

the way I smirk

the way I grin

can you see the sadness

in my eyes?

I have no fight

I don't care if you know

I'm alone tonight

I'm sure you already knew

after all I can safely guess

so are you


close the door

its cold outside

c'mon in and

let's talk awhile

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to an old freind

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