okay with that

desperate actions

I've pushed you away

my weekly shtick

I know

I can be what you say I am

I'm okay with that

a defensive mode i go thru

it works for me to be alone

I fucked up you say

but I'm not perfect

I'm far from it

you say I should've trusted you

and I did

I was a friend to you

you aren't perfect

but your smile was

your touch glided over

me like water

now its gone

I've only myself to blame

and I'm ok with that

I know you'll be back

when I tell you to

come on home

but you go on about your


find something better

to suit your ways

I know your kind

and I'm okay with that

in fact it's best to not

get attached

easy come

easy go

what do we really have

to show

some good times

good laughs

memories between the sheets

and a life time

on which to reflect

to what this means

but we don't think alike

you think in black and white

I see gray

I guess what I'm trying to

say is

I'm okay with that

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem about how easily love can come and go

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