window pane

somewhere between

the darkness

and the light

you saunter over

ratta tat ratta tat

on my window pane

your distant memory


thru the morning light

your silhouette dancing

thru my dreams

Mr. Sandman

tell me what this means

leave no stone unturned

curiosity bleeds

from me

its cold again

but I'm breathing in

your smile

consuming you like gin

your stone colored eyes

say I always criticize

what do expect from me

when you just crept on in?

ratta tat ratta tat

on my window pane

and its a shame

I hit ignore

refuse to let you in


behind my lock doors

manipulate the light

thru the looking glass

magnify the imperfections

I know we all possess


lowered eyes

and how I look away

you're a perfect image

in my dreams

you stay

bringing you


my reality

will only bring


ratta tat ratta tat

on my window pane

a stranger with no name

I press ignore

lock my door

and hide behind my shame

Author's Notes/Comments: 

first thoughts in the morning when i woke up today

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