here's to me

tired of this town

I'm ready to go


back to the hills

that I call home

I came

I saw

I concurred

I'm tired of being surrounded

by so much doubt




all trying to figure it out

chewed you up and

spit you out

shout his name

cry out hers

all the emotions

and tightrope walking

seems so absurd


we are just that

rub your feet at

my doormat

and lets combat?

its who I am

I love to fight

I'm so very good at it

I've done it all my life

you'll give in

they usually do

I can't help being ruthless

its something I grew into to

oh mother

you carved my path

a slap in the face

a knife in your hand

shame on you for loving

that man!

now look what you've done

see what you created

a vengeful bitch

who should be sedated

who's glory is highly

over rated

am I self-centered

or is it just me?

I laugh at all the

spit on my name

they hold their picket signs

in my doorway

call me a whore

but it was good enough for you

just 2 days before!

clap your hands

to the drum


club me down

until I'm off my feet

trust that I will

get back up

I refuse to live on my knees

fuck you ass holes

and here's to me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

many cities
many friends
many folks

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