honestly I love your words

I wait to see

just how you perceive

what's going on between

you and me

I give you power

you give the same

rivalry of nothing

in a fools game

yes I want you to hurt

yes I smile

do I want it to stop?

not for miles

I want you to remember me

like I know you will

attach my heart on your

key ring

name it the one

you killed

maybe I invested way to much

with my "plastic smiles"

you say

and such

but that's my downfall

it will make me or break me

I don't which yet

so yes along that edge

I stand with you

unsure of what we're looking at

a canyon of lies

a river of tears

lemons and bitter beers?

but I don't have any guilt

this I know

the only regrets

are ones no one here knows

I don't doubt you have

the pieces

you've got the center but

I've got the edge

see I'm not fighting

for a love that's


I'm not hurting over

any of this

that's gone and over with

I don't care where

he is

she is

who your with

but you do

I hear in your voice



time and time

are you hers

or are you mine

so keep me mused

its kind of nice

kind of fun



mind challenging?

of course

But hey I'm just passing time

while you still swim


your puddles

of lies

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