it's hard

I know

to go through

these times alone

your face is so beautiful

I hate to see it hurt

searching for answers

of why and

when your loneliness

will end

I have stretched my hand

to you

time and time


I love you

I know in your

own way you

love me too

I have never doubted it

even with your lips

pressed against another

more so when my bed was full

and not with you

your name on my phone

I've missed seeing it

flashing your name

two days is two too long

the feelings are still the same

I held your hand

soaked in your tears

felt the warm of your breath

on my neck

I didn't want to go

to leave you all alone

but I had no choice

you didn't either

so the candlelight surrounded

us once again

and your fingertips

caressed my lips

tears fell silently

blinding me

I try and walk away

only to stumble

you smile and say

everything will be okay

my hair is wet

you always liked the scent

you say

we should do this more often

I agree

so why is there a gap between us

the size of a canyon?


clinging to a love you can't be true with


pretending you don't exist

its killing me

the painted smiles

the lifeless hugs

nice to see you again

its been a while

I hide my tears

the size of crocodiles

I don't know if I can

do this dance much longer

you have embeded a place

in my heart



the music is fading away

into the distance

and I might just keep on walking

then what will you do

until we met again...

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