Fools Game

dear friend

I am you

I have been you

this is called

game recognize game

how do you

think I am able to tell?

call it so well

squeeze harder

it doesn't really matter

do you really think

you can ever have back what

you've lost

do you REALLY think I care?

there will always be doubt

wonder if your being honest

is this the way you want to live?

is this the way he will too?

so many unkind words spoken

you can't

he can't

ever take them back

a fools game you two play

and it's sad because

you just want to win

and he is fighting for a girl

who no longer exists

I really don't care

we shared time

a kiss

or few

and we weren't thinking of you

helped each other

through hard times

while you and he laughed

and used others pain

for emotional gain

played your game

a conversation piece

oh woe is me

yes I used it too

I never claimed

to not understand you

you don't think we talk

I've got my chalk

are you ready yet?

are you still keeping


taking notes on what

we're fighting for

I wish to gain nothing

I have what I want

what do you have

your cards are few

how long can you pull

them out

remember the doubt

it never really goes away

trust me I know

I have been you

we've both played the fool

remember that too

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