Weeds in the Garden

tug of war with words?

how long will you endure

caramelize me with your sweetness?

you haven't got what it takes

fill yourself with bitterness

it's much easier that way

you have a gift

of hiding it from those

who you choose to shield

most of them are fooled

I tip my hat to you


no tactics needed

I just put it all

on the table

that's my tell

show you all the cards

cuz I want you to know exactly

what I see

I have nothing to hide

and less to loose

raw truth usually scares people

far more then being told a lie

I know you hate me

Most liars do

See I'm a Daisy

you, your a weed

invading someone else's garden

its in your nature

its your shtick you can't help it

I know

but there comes a day when weeds

get plucked for another bulb to be

all I did was water it

now I'm watching as it grows

an attack against you?


but don't give yourself

too much credit

your really not

that great

your just a muse to me

funny how feelings can change

amusing how some stay the same

holidays have a way

of making people care

but how long are

the holidays here?

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