shattered is my heart

that you held once so tight

all these years without you

just haven't ever felt right

its been a long struggle

just trying to keep up

nothing I've ever done

has ever been good enough

I know you think of me

in a not so happy light

but my love don't you think

its time to give up this fight

lay down your sword

known as your tongue

maybe then we can finally see

where it went so badly between you and me

I do not think of you in every passing day

but in my dreams you haunt me

you always have known the way

I use to think I hated you

but over time I've learned

hate is merely love

gone 'round its full turn

the last time I saw

your angry hazel eyes

was when you walked over me

never looking back never said goodbye

letters gone unanswered

words simply ignored

now in my dreams you seek for me

knocking on my door

I always choose to answer

you I could never deny

you always use to know that

you chased off all the wanting eyes

but never to take my hand yourself

always to just let them know

that even if you didn't want me

no one could love me, oh no

time has passed

seasons have changed

so has the love i swore to you

so has the love you swore to me too

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