Unhuman me

Unhuman me

I dont know who I am anymore

when I look into the mirror I see a stranger

wrapped in hypocrcy turning into this unhuman me

looking for my intentions

and the reasons for my deceptions

cold dark eyes stare back me

who am I?

What have I done?

How can I live with myself and what I've become

all this work destroyed for some timeless fun.

cold black eyes accussing me

I know what you done

you cannot deny

your living your life but it's a lie

a facade of what you want people to see

thats what this mirror sings to me

stumbling over my words has seemenly decreased

the lies roll from my tounge now with such ease

I hide from those who I cannot face

afraid they will sense  how I've been displaced

I know they wonder

"where is my friend"

how  can I tell them I am lost again?

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