Vessel of Uncharted Land

with one kiss I forgot yours

with one touch of his hands

yours became non-exsistant

with the stars shinning in our eyes

I forgot what color yours were

so today I cried

cried over lost memeories

cried that I moved on

cried that you never noticed

what we had was suddenly gone

cried because I took refuge in another mans arms

dying because letting you go has been so hard

I don't reach for you in the night anymore

I thought i'd hold on forever

but the grip is loosening

with each endevor

with each stare into his eyes

the vision of you slowly fades away

and I cry for the longing

to remember your touch

to rememeber your taste

replaced by strangers hands

that want to be there

carressing my skin

when it's naked and bare

he walkes thru my door

for a moment I see your face

he turns out the light

suddenly the moment is suffice

I am a women in need

need to be touched

need to be loved

if only for a moment I could feel this

way again

to sail on this vessel of uncharted land

it will be a miracle to me.

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