passing out and coming to

Passing out and coming to.

Last night seems like a blur.

I think i kissed a boy or two

In between the slurs.

My head is throbbing and I look a mess

My thoughts are all distorted.

Dinking you away has been hard on me

and I always remember you in the morning.

I think its Friday by now

The curtain went up on Sunday

Of last week

*take a bow*

My phone is ringing

what do you want its far too early

I drank too much last night

can you try calling after darkthirty.

Pull the covers up

I can see the light trying to creep in

My cat messed up my curtains

"fuck not again"

Im too tired to move from my spot

so I turn over instead

cover my face with a pillow

and sink into my bed.

I thought I drank enough last night

to help me sleep the day away

but of course thats not my luck

here I am awake today.

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