No expectations No demands

Out in the world again to play the silly love game

When I Look around at them they all still look the same.

He smiles big,  He smiles soft;

That one tells me what I want to hear

But frankly I just dont give a damn

What are they all doing here?

We can laugh and we can talk

He can promise the moon

But things will be the way they were only way too sonn.

Brush my hair from my face as you get lost in my eyes

Take a good look and rememember them before I say goodbye.

Because I'm not meant for this kind of love the one that cheat and lies.

I cannot stick around so one day you can make me cry.

Moving on is my new thing never to get attatched.

I will live and love be with you until the next that I am with.

You add something like a spice and trully it is nice.

Im like a comedy show needing variety in my life.

Oh don't be so hurt don't be so sad

It's really not that bad.

You can take a notch with you and call it the best you ever had.

Its all so fun and lovely can't you see?

If you can't be with the one you love, honey you can love on me.

No strings attached, no pressures from you to me.

Just casual sex and cuddle bugs is all that we can be.

You see I have learned that love is over rated and people it just don't last.

So instead crying myself to sleep,

lets just have some fun and have some laughs.

No expectations no demands.

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