pages of my diary 12/26/06

it's 5am your up all night again

i wake up in an unfamiliar  bed i ran to

to escape you

my teacup is cold

my coffee pot ran empty a long time ago

and my newspaper tells of stories old

i can't tell you how long I've been sitting here

i cant tell you about the love i use to know

I'm at the fork in the road

an  old path i know i must take again

the path of quiet times

peace and sometimes loneliness

but silence is better then this

fighting and screaming obscenities

like a trucker dyke you say

but i say I'm guarded like a prison queen

I've got the best security don't i?

I've gone back and forth with old flames

and one that never really went out

just comfort in knowing you

and you knowing me

at my worst and my best

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