the Rep.

your ego is

much larger then first


your representative

dressed appropriately

your suit was so intact

but now your mouth

is always running

puffed up ready to attack

well I've been that one

to huff and puff

say things I later take back

so I'm giving you fair warning

unless you want to see me walk

out the door I walked in from

without ever looking back

you'd think twice

be nice

change your fucking stance

I'm stronger now

weakness is not accepted

in myself and in others

even if I'm ever tempted

I refuse to walk thru

valleys of lies

and canyons of quicksand

there will be no sinking here

on two feet I will stand

with my liquor and my beer

in each hand

you accuse me of

owning a crystal ball

that only I can view

but boy I learn from the past

and watch my ass

so it wont get hurt

by the likes of you

your arrogant


and a little high horsed

don't forget who's been there

for you

when things weren't right

on course



a little neurotic


but you wouldn't have it

any other way

now would you?

I keep things interesting

at best.

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poopy boys

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