walk me to the waters edge

its been done before

lead me to temptations door

i will not fight it anymore

your smile is my weakness

yours:  my eyes

you say they magnetize

an attribute i know how to fully use

twist you into my temporary world

of delusions and hopefulness

i offer to you gratefully


how long will you linger

on the outer edge?


wandering through halls

your heart is heavy

you play all day

but time is standing still

when we connect

where we become real

I'm reading you

like a mystery novel

twist and turns

roads that lead to nowhere

and everywhere

candle lights shine bright in your eyes



how long will we keep our secret?

how long can we hide?

the light in our eyes

will be hard to deceive

and in our stolen moments

your run your hands thru my hair

you breath on my neck

making me wet

daydreaming of the things

we haven't done yet

remembering the way

you can make me blush

with words meant for little girls

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