In my thoughts you live

humbled pride

hearts divide

thoughts can be my enemy

so I sit here

hope for hope

denying my fear

because I have succumb

the things that scare me

also draw me near

your eyes mean what they say

your actions are unclear

you say you know me

and that may be true

you say you love me

and I love you too

but I have loved

I have lost

and many tears i've cried

told you that im never

any good at goodbyes

I'm trying to stay my distance

struggling to keep my head clear

but in the end

in my thoughts

you seem to be living there

it wasn't like that

too long ago

i was a lonely girl

grasping what it was

to simply just 'let it go'

drowned my sorrows

in lending ears

spent many nights

drinking bitter beers

along came you

with all the answers

who's always right

the one who keeps me warm

on those oh so chilly nights

but you see timing

has never been a friend

to me

i found what i want

but somehow it can never be

give it time to figure it out

this i can comply

but i will not

wait around for you

or ever wonder why

you have always been honest

for this i love you so

never having faultered

that the truth was the way to go

you know it means so much to me

to never have to lie

i told you from the start

promised not to cry

and when you call

i hear your voice

the winds are blowing right

your thinking of

how good it would be

to hold me again tonight....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

through contradictions we may find the truth

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