Category Five

there is storm brewing

I can see the clouds

take their form

raindrops fall on my face

I catch them on my lips

I've been here in the eye


closely watching the cellar door

afraid to be taken by the wind

I cant yet grasp the future

unable to perceive the past

but the trees are coming


ripping from its core

just like storms before

my bones ache from the


memories of your face  

haunt me still

in and

out of dreams

the wind is blowing strongly

another un forsaken fantasy

another thought

of what will become

and what already is

I wrap my arms

around myself

I'm the only one

standing here

something familar

lingers in the air

in the scent

in my hair

forcast calls for rain today

rain I've spent a lifetime

trying to escape

here we go again

another storm

another end

another begining to begin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

learning more about myself everyday...

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