Floating Desires


This is the last spell, just the two of us


Only the oracle knows, what’s the next


Passion or pain, heaven or hell


Nothing to lose, nothing to hide


No fear, let’s be there bare, no shame


Love and hate are two sides of the same coin


Take your pick, or die happy in this den




They all pretend, and sneak in


the cotton bags, steal others poems


When night falls, they shade their paint


And the true colors shell open




Our dances, our games


Addictions in fumes, furies in a fane


Are they virtues or vices


The washy puritans, they question


Who cares, they are our memories


in light and shade and


a simple joy of living in purple pain




In the bigger of schema of life                                                        


We are tiny and insignificant


A patch of blue sky, underneath


a pair of dreamy eyes,


and rhythm of your buoyant heart


those are only things I die to possess.


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