The Ocean Bells


It is before dawn


the sun is still in bed


at the shore end


the sky lightens up


and the sun pops out again.


The seagull looks docile


water remains placid


the girl stands there,


her curly brown hair


in a cool ocean breeze.




It is skin dip hot


the noon wears no cap


after a glass of ale


I take a fizzy nap.


Water is warm now


sand turns white to grey


that seagull remains there


waiting for his prey.




Evening falls slow


the sun starts packing down


a lonely dolphin, off shore,


flaps back to her town.


the sky looks foamy


light changes its hue


a series of blurred visions,


like Monet’s Impressions


hover on soft blue.




The night hops


it's all deep dark


only a lighthouse blinks


at a distant far. 


I look up to heaven


I want to see her face


the ocean bells,


a tiny magic spell


shuts my eyes close


I lay down on St.Pete bay


my memory fades  away


and the ocean allures me again.


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