On Those Nights

I sit here 

Most of these nights

Writing what I think

Expecting a revelation 

An epiphany by mere chance

Mistaking emotion for certainty

Yet I am certain of one thing

That only emotion is certain


We are but feeble youths 

In an acient realm 

Not of our creation nor subject to our control

Yet we expect control over life

We pursue our goals determined

Purely willing our control on the outcome

But to no yield, for we have no control

Control is merely the hallucination of our desire


Circumstances are what control us 

Causing us our emotions, feelings, and ideas

The objects of our souls, our identities

Theses entities are constant

But still constantly warping, changing, growing

Why punish ourselves

Attempting to control what is beyond our reach

Why not instead pursue life, happiness, and love

Then might our anxieties, fears, and hate fall aside

Maybe the ride will be all that we need

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