Devouring light

Devouring light

Fueled by the night

Space and time

Rythm and rhyme

The great collapse before the universe reset

Redirect the energy after sunset

Light your soul

And light your mind

Plug the hole

Be one and bind

Scattered memories fragments of the past

Blinded by the drama passed

Fear within forgotten memory

The truth hidden from my mind to see

Empty thoughts above the clouds

Distant from the worldly crowds

Just another sad face

I have no real home just a place

On my computer alone in my room

Axiety and depression like a soul vacumm

Far from the answer

Dwelling on it like a cancer

An uncertain fear

Takes the wheel and steer

Encrypted data becomes clear

This fortress is my home

No one can save me from it

Don't know what to believe

So many deceive

Devouring light

Evaporating the night

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