Hollow inside

Hollow inside

Keeping it all away

So many times i cried

Saving it for another day

Let my spirit fall

And my mind drift

With the pain a crawl

My soul begins to shift

Let the knife dig in

Let it all end

Where i begin

My heart will never mend

Let my fly

I will fall

As much as i try

To get through it all

May i live to unwind

Please rewind

Ive been in a world so cold

Im left behind

My spirit is sold

Maybe someday you will find

Even when i grow old

It is only you on my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im a little drunk but im ok
why don't you call me anyway... you think im letting go but im not... yo u have left my heart tied in a knot
You have touched me in just the right spot...
So why do you let go.....
Dont' you know.....

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